New York and New Jersey Block Pipeline Project Critical to the NYC’s Natural Gas Supply

New York and New Jersey Block Pipeline Project Critical to the NYC’s Natural Gas Supply

May 21, 2020

Last weekend, the administrations of both Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York and Phil Murphy of New Jersey rejected once again the key permits for the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE). The natural gas pipeline that was previously blocked in 2019 by Governor Cuomo, would have ensured sufficient natural gas supply to much of New York City.

According to Forbes:

This crucial 23 mile link would have allowed the project to access New York from New Jersey, bringing natural gas from Pennsylvania to New York. Without it, New York is left to import gas from overseas when, as no one even opposing the project has seriously disagreed, it will inevitably run out of domestic natural gas from existing pipeline supplies.

While environmentalists applauded the decision, both Dr. Anthony Fauci and the World Health Organization warned of the tougher times ahead in the fall and winter should the coronavirus re-intensify during the cold weather. During such times of hardship where the dependence on reliable and affordable domestic energy has been highlighted more than ever, it is mind-boggling the elected officials on the eco-left continue to block infrastructure critical to the security and daily functions of the constituents they represent.

New York needs reliable power more than it ever has before, and these decisions are ensuring it will have it the least. The article went on to discuss the impacts this would have on the energy-producing communities that were intended to benefit from the pipeline:

It also means that the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania will be dealt another blow as it tries to find markets for its abundant, readily available, and relatively cheap gas. This of course is the goal of the environmental movement, which seized upon fracking as an environmentally unsound practice, despite numerous studies showing no relation between fracking and ground water contamination and increasing awareness of the environmental implications of all other forms of energy, including those thought to be “green”.

The left continues their war on fossil fuels, regardless of the support the industry has provided to health care providers across the country amid the recent pandemic. Instead of politicians pushing their own political agendas, they should embrace the industry that has provided the consistent energy supply that we need during this time to work remotely and to take care of the sick in our hospitals. Without fossil fuels, America would have no chance of fighting the invisible enemy.