New Mexico’s Version of the “Green New Deal” Puts More Jobs on the Chopping Block

New Mexico’s Version of the “Green New Deal” Puts More Jobs on the Chopping Block

May 7, 2019

There are seven natural gas stations across New Mexico which provide over 12% of the electric power to families in the Land of Enchantment.

All those stations, all that power and all those jobs could be on the chopping block thanks to the controversial Energy Transition Act or ETA.

As New Mexico’s version of the Green New Deal takes effect in the years ahead, much of the attention is justifiably focused on the 1,500 jobs lost in Northwest New Mexico from the closure of the San Juan Generating Station.

Lost in much of the debate are these seven natural gas plants that provide hundreds of jobs all over New Mexico. According to emails obtained by Power The Future, the state’s largest electric utility plans to retire these plants by 2040 in order to meet the outrageous restrictions placed on New Mexicans by the Energy Transition Act.

This email, delivered to state leaders in New Mexico, makes it clear they know the Energy Transition Act will mean plant closures across the state.

It also spells problems for every New Mexican who pays an electric bill. As we have learned in New York, placing eco-extremist restrictions on natural gas only hurts families who are working to pay bills.

If natural gas is supposed to be the bridge to cleaner emissions…New Mexico is burning the bridge and killing all the jobs that go with it.