New Mexico’s Eco-Left Puts Political Spending Hypocrisy on Full Display

New Mexico’s Eco-Left Puts Political Spending Hypocrisy on Full Display

May 12, 2020

With New Mexico’s primary election already underway, political fights are to be expected. However, it’s important to see the eco-left running on a platform built of hypocrisy.

The radical environmentalists have targeted several Democrat members of the New Mexico State Senate in the upcoming primary by putting forth more “progressive” candidates. Also proving once again he’ll do anything to please the eco-left,  U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich even endorsed against members of his own party in the same races.

Now the same groups are crying crocodile tears over oil companies legally spending money to offer support to the incumbent Democrats. And this is where we see the hypocrisy.

The eco-left’s feigned outrage over legal political spending falls on deaf ears because they don’t care when their own side funds highly questionable political tactics.

You might recall last Summer when we uncovered two attorneys in the New Mexico Attorney General’s office were being paid by New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg. The practice is now against the law in Virginia and locally at least one editorial board railed against the arrangement. The eco-left was absolutely silent.

For those keeping score at home, according to the eco-left:

Oil company legally spends money to support candidates? Evil!

Out-of-state billionaire literally buys two public offices? Perfectly acceptable.

Remember, whenever you see New Mexico’s eco-left cry foul over political actions, they are guilty of the same if not much worse.