New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District Deserves an Energy Champion

New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District Deserves an Energy Champion

April 12, 2023

Last month, H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act, passed the House of Representatives by a 225-204 vote, with four Democrats voting in support. Introduced on March 9, H.R. 1 represents the House Republicans’ commitment to restoring energy independence by fixing permitting, promoting new refineries and increasing mining.

All three of New Mexico’s representatives voted no. Including Congressman Gabe Vasquez, who tried to masquerade as a moderate during the election by deleting tweets  that called the oil industry “extremely toxic.” Now that he has been in office for a few months, Rep. Vasquez’s true intentions are showing, and it is clear he is a champion of the eco-left agenda. 

Future Communications Director Larry Behrens slammed Congressman Gabe Vasquez for his vote against the “Lower Energy Costs Act,”

“New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District is home to one of the most productive energy areas in the world and deserves better than a member of Congress who works overtime to destroy the industry that provides so much. As if his support for the Green New Deal wasn’t bad enough, Congressman Vasquez had the opportunity to vote for lower energy costs and instead stood with liberal leaders in Washington, proving he can delete his tweets but he can’t delete his actions that hurt our families.”

Lowering energy costs is a critical issue for many American households, as rising energy prices burden families and businesses. As the debate on energy policy continues, it is essential for elected officials to carefully consider the interests of their constituents and the potential impacts of their votes on energy costs, industry, and the economy.