New Mexico Politician Proposes Dangerous Moratorium On Fracking

New Mexico Politician Proposes Dangerous Moratorium On Fracking

February 5, 2019

As we pointed out last week, New Mexico’s economy is roaring, thanks to the booming energy industry. The Albuquerque Journal notes that “due primarily to a steady increase in oil production levels, New Mexico is on track to end the current budget year in June with a more than $1.2 billion budget surplus.”

That’s a massive amount for a state of little more than two million people, and politicians are already debating how to spend the influx of cash, with some advocating for major investments in infrastructure.

But one left-wing voice, Sen. Antionette Sedillo Lopez, is calling for putting a stop to New Mexico’s economic miracle.

Senator Lopez is proposing extreme eco-legislation that would create a four-year moratorium on new state permits for fracking, despite New Mexico energy companies already adhering to strict safety standards.

The Santa Fe New Mexican calls the proposal “drastic” since the state’s economy “depends on oil and gas.”

And Senator Lopez even concedes the people aren’t on board with her dangerous plan. “I know this isn’t a real popular bill,” Lopez said.

Environmentalists across the country are increasingly committing to unpopular and crazy ideas, even if it alienates them from the public.

For instance, anti-pipeline activists in Minnesota are reportedly trying to stop a pipeline project by “arguing that a species of wild rice has rights that should be protected by the courts, and that those rights should prevent the pipeline project from proceeding.”

Yes, to the eco-extremists, rice is more important than the jobs created by safe, economically-necessary pipelines.

From New Mexico to Minnesota, eco-extremists are stepping up their anti-jobs activities. Power The Future will continue to call out their ridiculous arguments and dangerous policy proposals. Regular Americans know better, and we will continue to be their voice.