New Mexico Plant Closure Will Leave School District Looking for $37 Million

New Mexico Plant Closure Will Leave School District Looking for $37 Million

January 13, 2020

When the local power plant closes because of the eco-left, there’s the lost jobs, higher electric bills and loss of revenue to city coffers. However, the closure of one New Mexico power plant will have another victim: local classrooms.

The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission held a hearing on the impact of the closure of the San Juan Generating Station in northwest New Mexico last week. According to the Navajo Times, the closure of the plant and its mine will leave a $37 million shortfall in the budget of the local school district.

In other words, the actions of New Mexico’s eco-left will cost a school district to lose 80% of their funding. Where will the schools have to go to make up the shortfall?

From the article:

“The only way to replace the loss of the taxes paid by the mine and plant would be a huge mill levy increase on the people of Kirtland, the only incorporated municipality in the district — and with the miners moving out and possibly allowing the banks to foreclose on their homes, that will diminish the number of taxpayers supporting the district even more, Goldtooth pointed out.”

So, on top of 1,500 jobs lost in the community, the recently unemployed residents of the school district will face a “hug” tax increase.

Eco-left groups, who enjoy budgets of hundreds of millions through national organizations, will no doubt celebrate the closure of the plant.

No response from the eco-left on if they will be pitching in to help the school district.