New Mexico EV Dead Zone Making Tow Companies Richer

New Mexico EV Dead Zone Making Tow Companies Richer

February 16, 2024

The eco-left is trying to force electric vehicles (EVs) onto every household across the United States. But as many find out the hard way, if the government endorses it and gives out substantial tax rebates for a product, it is probably not the most reliable. But one line of business in a New Mexico town is profiting off the unreliability and lack of infrastructure to support EVs: tow truck companies.

New Mexico KOAT investigates,

“As the government is handing out tax rebates, and lawmakers are debating new laws to encourage the public to buy electric vehicles there are some businesses that are cashing in from the zero emissions revolution — tow companies. ‘“They definitely have increased towing business somewhat for everybody,” Steve Lucero, who owns Highland Wrecker Service in New Mexico, said. Lucero said at one point, he was towing as many as three cars a week to charging stations in Las Vegas and Wagon Mound. “It’s more of an inconvenience, I think, for people,” Lucero said. “Sometimes they get stuck out there in the middle of the night and can’t get a hold of a towing company. You know, you end up staying up there for some time in the cold.”’

New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham praised House Bill 140, the Clean Car Income Tax Credit. We wonder how she feels about EVs, knowing that some of her constituents end up sleeping in their cars because of the improper infrastructure.  

“The people that are driving them understand when they look at their mileage that they have left, that they need to be able to get to the next charging station,” Larry Behrens, of Power the Future, an organization opposed to government mandates on electric vehicles, said. “But because sometimes, you know, they have to go uphill, they have to turn on a heater or an air conditioner or any number of things that, internal combustion car would handle just fine. The electric vehicle then diminishes their range greatly.”

Electric vehicles are just unreliable and expensive toys for the eco-left. But tow truck companies can sleep well at night knowing there will be plenty of stuck EVs to keep them in business.