New Mexico Electric Bills Continue to Skyrocket

New Mexico Electric Bills Continue to Skyrocket

October 12, 2021

Families in Europe aren’t the only ones grappling with higher energy costs because of the green agenda, New Mexicans appear to be following a similar path.

The latest numbers from Choose Energy show New Mexicans are paying nearly 5 percent more for electricity than at the same time last year. While the national price for power per kilowatt hour is 13.9 cents, families in the Land of Enchantment are shelling out 14.49 cents for the same amount of electricity. In fact, New Mexico is now paying the 14th highest electric bills in the nation trailing only California, Hawaii, and states in the Northeast.

The high electric bills in New Mexico provide a stark contrast to the rhetoric from Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham who is trying to convince the public that because of her “mini” Green New Deal energy costs are going down.

The increased electric bills, combined with the higher cost of gasoline are all difficult for families, but especially in New Mexico where the unemployment rate is among the worst in the nation.