New Mexico Eco-Left Doesn’t Want to Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes

New Mexico Eco-Left Doesn’t Want to Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes

July 8, 2020

The bait-and-switch of the renewable energy lie is underway in New Mexico.

The eco-left friendly group “ReNew Mexico” is spending money on a campaign to try and dodge taxes in New Mexico. They want New Mexicans to sign on to a petition asking lawmakers to protect their industry from tax increases. The reason: if renewables had to pay their fair share like the rest of us, they would be more impracticable.

The mind-boggling hypocrisy of the eco-left in trying to get out of paying taxes cannot be understated. In just one example, they have worked to shut down the San Juan Generating Station in northwest New Mexico for years. This move alone will devastate the area not only in job losses, but in lost tax revenue. The closure could actually cause taxes to go up on newly unemployed residents in order to continue to pay for schools.

The eco-left doesn’t care.

Today, the oil and natural gas industry provides nearly 40 percent of the revenue for New Mexico’s state budget. The renewable industry provides around 0.01 percent…and they’re fighting to pay even less.

It’s clear the promise of a “just transition” that provides the revenue communities need is just another eco-left lie that leaves working families having to pay the bill.