New Mexico Congresswoman Walks Tightrope with Biden

New Mexico Congresswoman Walks Tightrope with Biden

April 17, 2020

Ask any New Mexican what trait they want in a real leader and I doubt “indecisive” would make the list. Yet, that’s what we’re seeing from Congresswoman Xocthitl Torres Small.

As New Mexico’s elected leaders continue to flood to presumptive Democratic Nominee Joe Biden with endorsements, Torres Small would have us believe she doesn’t really support the former Vice President. She’s told the public “we still have several months to focus on the election.”

The reason is simple. Torres Small represents one of the most energy-rich areas of the country, and Joe Biden is clear about his intentions to destroy the energy industry as we know it.

Last December, the Congresswoman voted to impeach President Trump. Now, less than six months later, she’s hesitant to endorse his rival?

No doubt families in her district deserve better.