New Mexico Congressional Candidate Deletes Support of the Green New Deal

New Mexico Congressional Candidate Deletes Support of the Green New Deal

October 20, 2022

New Mexico’s oil-rich second congressional district is a highly contested race this November. The seat is currently held by Congresswoman Yvette Herrell (R), who is being challenged by Gabriel Vasquez (D), a self-proclaimed moderate. 

One lesson about the internet is that nothing can ever truly be deleted. And Vasquez is coming under fire after it was reported that he deleted several social media statements supporting extreme positions. Among his deleted statements was this position on fracking and the radical Green New Deal:

“To my fellow Dems, let’s avoid playing to the R’s talking points & playing on their field! It’s OK to oppose fracking, OK to support the Green New Deal, OK to support Medicare for all, OK to talk about progressive immigration reform, OK to stand for what you believe. #StayStrong,” wrote Vasquez in November of 2020.

With just over two weeks to the election, Vasquez is refusing to answer whether or not he still supports the Green New Deal.

“For Gabe Vasquez to try and hide his radical views is right out of the Joe Biden playbook. We all witnessed Joe Biden play the role of moderate when he ran for office only to declare war on American energy the minute he was sworn in, Gabe Vasquez would be no different,” said Larry Behrens, Communications Director for Power The Future. “New Mexicans deserve to know that Mr. Vasquez supports the extreme Green New Deal which would cost each family over $74,000 in the first year alone. New Mexicans can’t afford Gabe Vasquez’s radical positions so it’s no wonder he is trying to hide them.”