New Mexico Already Fighting Over Higher Green Energy Costs

New Mexico Already Fighting Over Higher Green Energy Costs

May 31, 2019

Even before the drastic effects of New Mexico’s own Green New Deal take effect, the argument is already on to see who will foot the bill for higher costs associated with “green” energy.

A fight is currently underway in the Land of Enchantment to see who will pay for new transmission lines from an electric wind farm. Initially, it was decided that tech giant Facebook would foot the bill for part of the $85 million project. Now, the state’s largest electric utility is asking representatives to reconsider and to make ratepayers take on the increased costs as well.

This current scuffle is unrelated to New Mexico’s recently passed Energy Transition Act, but it illustrates one of the biggest problems with the push toward renewables: they simply cost much more. In fact, both the University of Chicago and the Heartland Institute have studied the drastically increased cost of renewables.

Higher electric bills are unwelcome in any state, but even more so in New Mexico where the poverty rate is the second highest in the nation.

To make matters more confusing, the same electric utility who is looking to pass the green energy costs to New Mexicans today is the very same one who says the state’s “Green New Deal” wouldn’t increase costs in the future.

It’s not surprising the eco-left isn’t telling the truth about the real costs of their policies. The only surprising part would be if New Mexicans actually believed them.