New Election Year, Same Hypocrisy

New Election Year, Same Hypocrisy

January 23, 2020

For years, Democrats have berated conservatives for their lack of urgency on policies involving climate change and the environment. However, as the election cycle progresses, one of the inherent hypocrisies of the eco-left has resurfaced. On the campaign trail, candidates like Bernie Sanders travel from city to city on private jets, while simultaneously emphasizing the dire need to cut carbon emissions across the country. 

As the Boston Herald reports:

If climate change is truly a life-and-death proposition as the left says, so much so that Sanders and others are willing to sacrifice 177,000 American jobs the USMCA is estimated to create and $68.2 billion for the U.S. economy, why are Sanders and his hypocrite pals flying private jets?

If global warming is as apocalyptic as we are led to believe, shouldn’t they be leading by example, not contributing to the climate crisis? Before Democrats demand 330 million Americans dramatically change their lifestyles to reduce carbon emissions, they should at least be prepared to hold themselves to the same standard. It is time for them to practice what they preach, rather than pontificating to the average American about their lifestyle choices. 

Is reducing carbon emissions only for the “little people?” Or is the hysteria surrounding global warming a fraud to get gullible voters to accept massive government control and intrusion into our lives; higher taxes to fund the $93 trillion estimated tab for the Green New Deal; or all of the above?

How can liberals like Bernie Sanders be expected to lead by example when it comes to running the country, when they fail to abide by their own standards in combating climate change? Based on everything we’ve seen, the American people cannot trust radical environmentalist politicians to have their best interest at heart.