More Gas Utilities Stop New Service In Parts Of The Northeast

More Gas Utilities Stop New Service In Parts Of The Northeast

February 28, 2019

Earlier this month, we told you how extreme environmentalist policies in New York State have begun causing natural gas shortages, with Con Edison declaring that new customers in Westchester County will not be allowed natural gas connections. The cause is simple – eco-extremists have successfully fought to stop natural gas pipelines. There is not enough gas for new customers.

Now, it appears the problem is getting worse across the Northeast.

Argus Media reports that three natural gas utilities in the Northeast have “imposed moratoria on new gas service amid a lack of sufficient natural gas pipeline capacity in the region.”

The problems now extend beyond Westchester County, New York, with customers in Massachusetts lacking gas availability.

As Argus Media explains, “new pipeline development faces an uphill battle in the region, which is a veritable graveyard of projects that have stalled or were cancelled amid environmental opposition, regulatory hurdles and a lack of consistent funding.”

This is a clear-cut case of extreme environmentalist policies doing real damage to communities. It means developers are disincentivized from constructing new homes and apartments since they won’t be able to get natural gas for cooking and heating. And it means that existing customers could face shortages as the system is strained.

The reality is this – the Northeast needs more gas pipelines, and there is zero technological barrier stopping it. Eco-extremists should cease standing in the way of basic infrastructure maintenance. It is time to put the needs of regular Americans first.