More Domestic Mineral Production? Senator Murkowski says, “Yes!”

More Domestic Mineral Production? Senator Murkowski says, “Yes!”

June 2, 2020

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the United States anything, it is that we are dependent on China for way too many things.

PPE, respirators and even pharmaceuticals that were in extremely short supply during the early days of the pandemic were that way because America depends on China for the vast majority of each.

When the supply chain breaks – or is heavily impacted due to forces outside of the US’ control – it can cause multi-layer disruption to daily activities, critical technologies and the economy.

The good news?  Many factories and companies in the US were willing and able to re-tool their core business functions, and domestically make critical healthcare items.  From breweries changing from alcohol to sanitizer, to Ford stopping its auto assembly line to make respirators, the US’ ingenuity and flexibility went into hyperdrive, and many of the critical shortages were reversed in a matter of days.

One area that China still has enormous – and ill-advised – control over America with is critical minerals and rare earth materials.  Fortunately for the US and Alaska, there are senators like Lisa Murkowski who recognize this, and are working diligently to change the dynamic.

We’ve written about (and talked with) the Senator about her “American Mineral Security Act”, and how it would dramatically increase domestic production needed for US technology, greener energy and military functions.

Today, she – along with Utah Congressman Rob Bishop, and with bipartisan Congressional support – released a letter to the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture to encourage them to continue with regulatory reform, designed to safely and responsibly develop America’s mineral resources.

Power The Future applauds leaders, including Senator Murkowski, who are continuing to advance American mineral independence.  Increased responsible development in the minerals sector will lead to tens of thousands of American jobs, including thousands in Alaska.  With unemployment in our state at nearly 100,000 people (one-third of our workforce!), we need all of the jobs we can manage as we look toward the future.