More California Cities Want To Emulate Berkeley’s Natural Gas Ban

More California Cities Want To Emulate Berkeley’s Natural Gas Ban

August 21, 2019

Last month we told you about Berkeley, California’s ridiculous plan to ban natural gas.

In July, Berkeley became the first city in America to “kick natural gas out of homes and businesses.” Under a new law passed by the city, natural gas would be banned from most new homes and businesses, including restaurants that use natural gas for stoves.

We explained that this was eco-madness.  For people and restaurants, there are major advantages to gas cooking, including finer temperature control, quicker temperature response times, easy cleaning, and reliability when the power goes out. Gas heating is typically “half the price of electric heating.”

Now, it seems, other California cities are ready to replicate Berkeley’s extreme plan.

Fox Business reports that San Francisco could be next. “San Francisco Supervisor Vallie Brown is expected to introduce a bill in September that will ban natural gas in new municipal buildings.”

While this might seem to be less extreme than Berkeley’s ban, Brown is calling it “the latest step, not the last step, to address natural gas.”

In other words, San Francisco is coming for your natural gas. The city is joining San Jose, Santa Rosa, and Petaluma in considering abandoning cheap, effective natural gas.

This would have tangible consequences on consumers. For instance, Fox Business talked with one developer in the Bay Area who said that an electric water heater could add $3,000 to $4,000 more per apartment – this is in an area already plagued by insane home prices.

The reality is that natural gas works. There’s no need to change, and the eco-extremists should stay out of our homes and let us keep our natural gas.