Milestone! Oil Flowing from Mustang Field on Alaska’s North Slope

Milestone!  Oil Flowing from Mustang Field on Alaska’s North Slope

November 15, 2019

November 2nd marked a milestone for Alaska oil and gas. 

Brooks Range Petroleum became the first independent to take oil from discovery to production, when oil was delivered from its Mustang field to the Trans-Alaska pipeline (TAPS).

Mustang, owned by Thyssen Petroleum and run by Brooks Range, had its first exploratory well drilled in January 2012.

It is exciting to have another operating field on the Slope.  Given the number of new fields in the permitting and exploration processes, Brooks Range’s landmark day will begin a new era in Alaskan oil and gas.

Aside from Brooks Range and the majors (ConocoPhilips and BP/Hilcorp), companies like Great Bear, Caelus, ENI and Glacier Oil are all actively pursuing opportunities on the Slope. 

Upcoming leases in the NPR-A and ANWR’s 1002 area will only add to the opportunities to advance continued production opportunities from one of the US’s most important resource bases.

The jobs created by these producers – large and small – drive Alaska’s economy.  More than one-third of all private-sector jobs in Alaska are tied to the oil and gas industry. 

Power The Future thanks those companies for their continued, ongoing investment in Alaska.  We look forward to hearing about many more market victories from the Great Land.