Michigan Governor Halts Construction On FREE Needed Pipeline

Michigan Governor Halts Construction On FREE Needed Pipeline

April 1, 2019

When you’re the governor of a state and free, good-paying jobs are on the table, you say yes.

That is, unless you’re Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Last week, Governor Whitmer halted construction on a replacement pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac. Her order comes despite the legislature previously authorizing the pipeline.

Her action is outrageous for two reasons.

First, the pipeline that currently supplies more than half of the propane used in Michigan is aging, having operated “safely since 1953” according to Enbridge, the company that operates the pipeline. While the pipeline has not had issues, technology has vastly improved since 1953. A new pipeline would be even safer “and reduce the likelihood of environmental impact to near zero.”

Second, the new pipeline would be free to taxpayers. Enbridge has promised to pay the $500 million to construct the pipeline over 10 years, but “Michigan would own it and lease it to the company for 99 years.”

This is a fantastic deal for Michigan. Taxpayers do not have to pay a dime for a pipeline that Michigan would then own. Good-paying jobs would be created for the 10 years it takes to complete the project. Michigan would get a safer, newer, more efficient pipeline in the process.

So why is Governor Whitmer ignoring logic and sound economics? It seems eco-extremists have convinced her that the pipeline is unsafe, with little evidence. Eco groups quickly praised her order and even asked that Whitmer decommission the existing pipeline.

That would be disastrous. As we’ve seen in New England and New York, when eco-extremists convince states to stop investing in pipeline infrastructure, gas shortages increase. It’s gotten so bad in New York that gas prices are rising and new customers in an entire county will not be allowed gas connections.

This is the future Michigan will get if Governor Whitmer continues her ridiculous policies. It’s time to invest in smart infrastructure and building a stronger economy. Michigan workers deserve it.