Michael Bloomberg Releases Vanity Ad For His “Beyond Carbon” Campaign

Michael Bloomberg Releases Vanity Ad For His “Beyond Carbon” Campaign

September 19, 2019

Earlier this year, New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg announced that he would pour half a billion dollars into what he called his “Beyond Carbon” campaign. Bloomberg’s goal is to move beyond his earlier pledge to eliminate coal and the tens of thousands of jobs the industry provides, and now pivot to natural gas and oil.

Through his partnership with the Sierra Club, he would throw hundreds of thousands of workers out of a job. He would decimate American energy independence and force us to rely once again on foreign energy.

But what is Bloomberg actually doing to achieve his dangerous goal? As it turns out, his latest move seems more like a vanity project than anything else.

Axios is reporting that Bloomberg has released a six-figure ad buy ahead of an MSNBC climate forum, calling on candidates to have a “realistic” eco-plan. That call might go on deaf ears, given that nearly every 2020 candidate has backed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal.”

But what’s more disappointing is that the ad seems to be more of an ad for Bloomberg than anything else.  He’s the star of the ad, talking to the camera for an entire minute, but the worst part is his hypocrisy. It is easy for a billionaire with several homes to fly around the world promoting an agenda that spikes energy costs and kills job when he is nestled in economic security for life.

Perhaps “Beyond Carbon” is just another vanity project for a billionaire that wants to tell you how to live your life, while he lives it up in his over a dozen mansions.