Michael Bloomberg and the New Mexico Politicians Who Love His Money

Michael Bloomberg and the New Mexico Politicians Who Love His Money

February 20, 2020

On Thursday, the political world woke up to learn Michael Bloomberg’s debate performance was less than stellar. The former New York City mayor was skewered by the other candidates and we wonder if the New Mexico politicians who have championed Bloomberg, and his money, are feeling a little awkward today.

Attorney General Hector Balderas has two lawyers on staff who are bought and paid for, not by New Mexico’s taxpayers, but by Bloomberg. Balderas’ office has called the arrangement business as usual even as more and more question the ethics behind it.

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller continues to be a loyal soldier in Bloomberg’s climate agenda, as he takes millions from the former mayor. The City of Albuquerque was proud to join in on the “American Cities Climate Challenge,” which offers “a suite of more than $200 million in investments to strengthen city halls.” However, that was just the start.

Mayor Keller also proudly joined Bloomberg’s “Beyond Carbon” campaign. This is the campaign where Bloomberg has devoted half a billion dollars to putting nearly 100,000 New Mexicans out of work, with a goal to replace all of the fossil fuel facilities with renewable energy sources. You won’t find a press release about the City of Albuquerque joining on their website—it’s almost as if they know taking money from a billionaire to kill jobs and destroy the state’s biggest industry is a bad thing.

As the real Michael Bloomberg continues to be exposed, there’s no doubt it will only get more awkward for those in New Mexico who take his money.