Maryland Voters Oppose Plan to Mandate Electric Vehicles

Maryland Voters Oppose Plan to Mandate Electric Vehicles

June 15, 2023

Maryland voters are voicing their disagreements with Governor Wes Moore’s (D) plan to sell only electric vehicles by 2035. The proposed plan would hurt the pocketbooks of car dealers and buyers alike, with 68% of people saying they do not support the governor’s announcement when factoring in the costs of such a plan. 

Maryland Matters reports,

“A majority of those surveyed, 54%, said they oppose the decision even if it meant a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions; 44% said they would support it.

Among those who said they would support it based on reduced emissions, 31% said they were in strong favor of it — an increase of 17 points.

‘“That dramatic increase in the strong support, most of that is coming from those who said they ‘somewhat support’ right out of the gate,” said Gonzales. You’re not taking diehard opponents and turning them into supporters.”’

When asked to factor in the cost of Moore’s decision, 68% said they would oppose its implementation by 2035.”

Maryland is one of several states trying to impose these “green” policies upon their local businesses. These mandates represent another example of eco-left leadership stepping on the toes of businesses and harming consumers without considering the feasibility of the proposed policies. 

Pollster Patrick Gonzales expressed his sentiment that electric vehicles still lag behind their gas counterparts, stating: 

“It’s such a big leap to suggest we’re going to ban gas cars at this point, because we don’t have any viable alternatives. If electric cars could get increased range without needing a charge and the price came down, then you know, all of a sudden you’re in.”

Until electric cars can compete with the current market, the government must stop mandating green technologies to the market at the expense of product cost and performance.