Manchin Brings Labor Secretary Marty Walsh to Coal Mines

Manchin Brings Labor Secretary Marty Walsh to Coal Mines

August 20, 2021

Earlier this week Senator Manchin (D-WV) and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh visited the coal mines in northern West Virginia. This trip provided Secretary Walsh the unique opportunity to go inside the mines and see the hard-working blue-collar men and women the industry supports. Part of his jurisdiction is the Mine Safety Health Administration, so it is important for the Secretary to see the mines for himself.

The Inter Mountain reports:

Walsh took over the secretary of labor’s job six months ago, and part of his jurisdiction is the Mine Safety Health Administration. The former Boston mayor has a background in construction, but acknowledged he had never been inside a coal mine before.

Manchin said that is why he decided to invite Walsh to West Virginia. The pair took what they termed a “Disney World ride” four miles back into the mine. Walsh said he witnessed the miners at their jobs and gained a different appreciation for what they do.

Senator Manchin understands how important the coal industry is, especially to the people of West Virginia.

Manchin said the coal industry will be saved “because it has to be.”

“The country can’t operate without it,” he said. “There will be a transition period of time. We don’t know when that will be. But we’re looking at doing it in a systematic way and not just an accelerated way because somebody doesn’t like fossil or coal (energy).”

Coal is an integral part of the U.S. economy and our energy grid. We hope Secretary Walsh was able to fully understand just how vital these workers are and truly appreciate the hard work and sacrifices miners make every day to provide Americans with affordable and reliable energy.