Lujan Grisham Administration Should Abandon EV Hypocrisy

Lujan Grisham Administration Should Abandon EV Hypocrisy

July 11, 2023

Last week, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced a new mandate requiring electric vehicles to make up 43% of cars for sale in New Mexico within four years. Currently, electric vehicles make up less than 1% of cars.

KOAT Action News reports,  

“According to data KOAT received from the Taxation and Revenue Department, 0.8% of all vehicles in our state are electric as of May 31.”

Not to mention the fact that electric vehicles cost more than the average New Mexican’s yearly salary. 

“According to Kelly Bluebook, the average price of a new electric vehicle is about $60,000.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average New Mexican makes $54,400 a year.”

“It’s past time for Governor Lujan Grisham to ‘charge up or shut up’ over her forced EV mandates,” said Larry Behrens, Communications Director for Power The Future. “The people of New Mexico have spoken, and less than 1 percent have opted for an EV, yet the Governor wants to artificially drive that number closer to 50. The Governor loves her EV photo-ops but she’s just another green hypocrite refusing to play by her own rule