Looks Like Eco-Hypocrite Tom Steyer Is On Track To Miss Next Dem Debate

Looks Like Eco-Hypocrite Tom Steyer Is On Track To Miss Next Dem Debate

August 28, 2019

Despite plowing $100 million in cash into his presidential bid, California billionaire Tom Steyer appears to have fallen short of his goal to make the next Democrat debate.

CNN reports that Steyer failed to hit two-percent in new polling, meaning that he likely won’t make the cut for the next debate.

“Tom Steyer’s strategy did not appear to pay off,” CNN explains. “The billionaire hedge-fund founder plowed millions of dollars into television and social media ads to promote his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, but he failed to register a minimum of 2 percentage points in two polls released Wednesday morning.”

It’s no surprise that Steyer failed to gain traction – his extreme eco-message has little play with Americans, and his record over the years at funneling his wealth into politics has been one of repeated failure.

From “Need to Impeach” to extreme eco-policies, nearly every Tom Steyer campaign has flopped.

In 2016 and 2018, NextGen America, Steyer’s political front group, supported efforts to force dangerous carbon taxes on the people of Washington. NextGen poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the state in an attempt to let the California billionaire influence Washington’s election. One of the initiatives would have raised energy costs on households by increasing net energy costs to $990, damaged the economy by $5.3 billion, reduced the income of Washington state workers by $3.2 billion, and hiked gasoline prices by 59 cents.

Both carbon tax attempts failed handily at the ballot box.

In 2018, NextGen poured tens of millions of dollars into efforts to force a backdoor carbon tax on the people of Arizona. Fortunately, that too failed.

And how has Steyer been funding these campaigns and his presidential bid? With fossil fuel money. Did you know that the billionaire made his money as a hedge fund manager by investing in coal?

Tom Steyer is an eco-hypocrite, and it seems Americans see through his act.