Living in the Bubble

Living in the Bubble

April 17, 2018

Power The Future is confident in its mission and message. It’s why their rock star Executive Director (disclaimer: he’s also authoring this piece) is able to raise money, build relationships, and engage in multiple states across the nation in defense of American energy workers. Power The Future doesn’t hide its contact info ( and doesn’t shy away from any questions, concerns, or issues. (Well… RELATED issues. Don’t ask us about College Football. It could get ugly).

So why did the left-wing publication The Daily Kos write this snippy little piece without even reaching out to us? No chance to chime in or comment? It’s one of three things:

A- Love of confirmation bias
B- Fear
C- Laziness

We’re guessing it’s a combo of the three. No author even put a name on this weak piece, and by avoiding a conversation with us they get to ignore the plight of millions of men and women whose jobs are at risk by the radical policies they endorse. Humanizing the radical environmental policies, showing the impact on real people and real communities must be an uncomfortable conversation this crowd. It is for us. We see the economic depression, not from an online distance scrolling through pictures, but up-close and personal in sad conversations on empty streets in shuttered downtowns.

There’s no doubt Power The Future and The Daily Kos differ on energy policies and ideas. The difference is this: we’d like to talk to them. Would they like to talk to us?

Apparently not.