Let’s Put A Tariff on Imported Protesters

Let’s Put A Tariff on Imported Protesters

June 5, 2018

Louisiana has seen an influx of out-of-state protesters coming to make trouble. We wrote about it here, and noted how 11 people who were recently arrested for trespassing and destruction of property were not from Louisiana. Do you wonder where they came from? So do we… and who paid for their airfare. (Also, do they know the plane or bus or car run on the very energy they are protesting? That should be obvious, but it’s sadly not.)

The violence against energy workers in Louisiana has become so extreme that the legislature recently passed special protections. These activists, and the billionaire ideologues who fund them, should be held accountable. We’re looking at you, Steyer, Bloomberg and Soros.

So it was particularly interesting yesterday to see more pipeline protesters arrested, and yes, once again, they were from out-of-state. West Virginia is already suffering from a long war against their energy industry. There probably isn’t a person in the state more than two degrees of separation from someone in the coal industry who lost his job because of the political agenda of the previous administration. So it is not a surprise these protesters aren’t from the Mountain State. Who protests their own family or neighbor getting a job? Who protests an industry bringing tax revenue and prosperity to their own state?

Power The Future is monitoring the out-of-state phenomenon. Many green groups are preparing to recreate the phony DAPL and Keystone protests of the past, and summer is the right season to pay protesters to generate buzz. We will go to these “protests” and find out where the people are from, how they got there, etc etc. And we will expose the phony heart of the green movement.