Let’s Celebrate Earth Day the Correct Way

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day the Correct Way

April 22, 2021

Earth Day 2021 has brought out the typical talk-tracks we hear every year:

“The Earth only has ‘x’ years left before it burns…”

“Our planet deserves to be treated with more respect than we show it…”

“(insert famous person here) is partnering with (insert eco-Left organization here) to protect the (insert animal here) from inevitable extinction.  Join us!”

President Biden got into the act this year, hosting a global summit of world leaders, all apparently ready to join the US in cutting emissions by 50% or something. 

But in Alaska, we already celebrate our planet, take care of our lands and waters, and enjoy living in the greatest place on Earth.

So let’s spend Earth Day today by celebrating the correct way, rejoicing in the fact that men and women across our state have solid jobs in responsible development.  Let’s stand up and be proud of the fact that – from Prudhoe Bay to Prince of Wales Island – traditional and recreational activities exist side-by-side with oil and gas and mining projects.  Let’s take pride in the fact that our state is a world leader in environmental stewardship, while simultaneously reaping the harvest of our abundant natural resources.

In short, let’s cut through the tag lines and half-hearted political pandering by the “save the planet” crowd today, and do what we do each and every day in Alaska:  Go to work, take care of our families, and live, work and play in the Great Land.  We don’t need Earth Day to do that, do we?