Let Biden’s Latest Green Grift Begin!

Let Biden’s Latest Green Grift Begin!

December 16, 2021

Americans remember 12 years ago when Obama megadonors received a $535 million “loan” from the federal government to start a solar panel company called Solyndra. The company folded having produced exactly zero solar panels, and the taxpayers took the loss. 

Fast forward to the Biden “Build Back Better” scam full of green energy pork, and thanks to the astute research of The Washington Free Beacon, another megadonor received another $500 million “loan” to build solar panels. Rinse and repeat.

The company called First Solar is owned by Walmart heir Lukas Walton who also donated several hundred thousand dollars to both the Biden campaign and the Democrat National Committee. With their taxpayer funding, the company is poised to build solar panels in India.

No, not Indiana. India.

First, let’s state the obvious: Lukas Walton. The Walton Family has a combined net worth hovering around $230 billion. One study estimates that their immediate family has more money than 46% of American families combined. Lukas alone has a personal wealth of $22 billion. So, why is he getting taxpayer money?

The first rule of cronyism is always “get the government to pay instead of using your own money”. And Lukas knows that rule. A mere few hundred thousand dollar “investment” in the Biden campaign turned into a lucrative business deal where he does not have any personal risk.

Second, let’s talk about where these jobs are going: India. The average salary in India is 31,000 rupees ($405 US) per month, making labor costs very inexpensive. India, according to Yale University’s Environmental Performance Index ranks 168 out of 180 countries, meaning costs for environmental stewardship, compliance, and EPA are non-existent.

So, to summarize: billionaire gives money to Biden, gets government “loan” to open solar factory in third world country with terrible environmental record.

Every time the President mentions “climate change” or John Kerry the international Climate Envoy talks about “doing our part” just remember that Americans gave a billionaire a loan so he could build a polluting factory in India. This is Build Back Better in a nutshell.