Lefties Vote To Block Drilling In ANWR

Lefties Vote To Block Drilling In ANWR

September 13, 2019

By a 225-193 vote, the liberal-led House of Representatives voted to block drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge yesterday.

A sponsor of the bill, Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA) said that “some places” are “so special, so wild, so spectacular, that they have to be off-limits to being spoiled by oil and gas development.”

This is a tired argument that’s long been peddled by the eco-left – that resource development and the environment cannot coexist in Alaska, and that wildlife matter more than people.

It’s no surprise that a House Member from California, who doesn’t live in Alaska, would vote for a policy that would threaten the economic future of the state. He won’t have to face the consequences. But the consequences are real.

Alaska is facing a major budget deficit and is being forced to institute cutbacks in needed government services, such as higher education funding. One way Alaska can solve this issue, over the long run, is by allowing oil and gas development in ANWR.

In fact, experts estimate that development in ANWR could create over 700,000 jobs. Economic growth means more tax revenue for Alaska that could help the state meet its budget challenges. It could mean more money for environmental protection and more money for schools.

Economic growth and environmental protection go hand in hand. That’s something the House of Representatives does not seem to understand.