Lawmakers Send Letter to Biden Administration Over Manipulated Climate Stats

Lawmakers Send Letter to Biden Administration Over Manipulated Climate Stats

March 14, 2024

Senate and House Republicans sent a letter this week to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) asking them about allegations that the Biden Administration has been maneuvering statistics related to climate change with temperature monitoring stations.

The Daily Caller reports,

“The NOAA is responsible for taking surface temperature readings across the U.S. These readings have been made artificially high by bad placement of the temperature stations near buildings, in higher-temperature cities and adjacent to heating elements and other warmer infrastructure, the lawmakers write in the letter. The NOAA readings are also collected by volunteers, not scientists. In 2022, 96 percent of temperature stations were found to be non-compliant with the NOAA’s own standards. In the letter, the lawmakers demand answers on these problems, how much this costs taxpayers and how NOAA plans to fix it.”

The letter was led by Utah Senator Mike Lee and reads,

“We are deeply concerned that the Biden Administration has been using fundamentally inaccurate temperature readings as underlying justification to advance the climate change agenda, at great cost to the American taxpayer. In 2023, an estimated $45 billion in federal funds were spent on climate change initiatives.”

This is scary. The Biden Administration is manipulating data to promote its climate agenda by placing temperature monitoring stations near heat sources. This administration has given away billions of dollars in the name of climate change, saying it is science. It is becoming increasingly clear that these climate experts will manipulate information in their favor.