Labor Anger Over Green New Deal Continues To Boil Over

Labor Anger Over Green New Deal Continues To Boil Over

June 3, 2019

Labor unions – once the backbone of the left – are continuing to demonstrate their anger over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal.” Unions are concerned about how the “Green New Deal” would destroy plentiful existing union jobs in the energy sector, in favor of imaginary “green” jobs that do not exist.

Over the weekend, unions in the left-wing stronghold of California took aim at Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who last month launched his own “Green New Deal LA” plan.

Politico reports that labor unions were irate at that proposal, prompting union protesters at a “Blue Collar Revolution” demonstration to chant “Garcetti’s gotta go.”

Robbie Hunter, president of the California Building and Construction Trades Council which represents over 400,000 workers, said that “dozens of his members” planned to take part.

Jessica Levinson, a politics professor at Loyola Law School, explained this new “fault line” on the left as a product of the elites vs. the working class.

“The Green New Deal may be the darling of the Democratic Party — but it really divides the Democrats on a fault line, which is more of the elites against the working class Democrats who are concerned about losing their jobs,” said Levinson.

Levinson is exactly right. The eco-left is dominated by elite billionaires like Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, who are doing everything they can to eliminate jobs and entire sectors of the economy, no matter the economic consequences to rural and working-class families.

These latest union protests come after the AFL-CIO, one of the most powerful unions in the country, slammed the “Green New Deal” as “not achievable or realistic.”

If the left continues to advance extreme eco-agendas at the expense of the working class, don’t be surprised if once-blue voters continue to move away en masse and vote to protect their jobs.