Keeping Alaskan Energy Workers Safe and Healthy

Keeping Alaskan Energy Workers Safe and Healthy

March 12, 2020

Power The Future’s staff has spent many days these past two years on job sites across America, learning about the projects, meeting workers and educating ourselves about many items, including the impressive safety precautions and practices each of the sites maintains.   

Once again, Alaska’s North Slope producers are taking action to protect their workers and job sites from potential harm – and we salute them for doing so.

Even though Alaska currently has zero confirmed Coronavirus cases, ConocoPhillips Alaska and BP Alaska have moved ahead with screening their North Slope-bound hands prior to boarding planes for their shifts.

With the vast majority of those workers from Alaska, the risk is already low that the virus would impact the man-camps.  However, the precautionary measures should reduce that risk even further.

That’s important, as Alaska’s North Slope workforce is responsible for the majority of our state’s revenue.  The thousands of workers spread across the Slope, directly and indirectly, support over one-quarter of all private-sector jobs in Alaska.

Stay safe, everyone.  Power The Future thanks you for your efforts to keep Alaska’s responsible resource development legacy alive, well and healthy.