Keep Guessing, Eco-Extremists: Arctic Ice Predictions Continue to Miss

Keep Guessing, Eco-Extremists: Arctic Ice Predictions Continue to Miss

June 7, 2023

It’s almost become comical.

A Washington Post story this week bemoaned the end of permanent ice in the Arctic’s oceans, noting that the original estimate of 2050 was likely to be sped up to somewhere around 2035.

Anyone who has followed this guessing game knows it is nothing other than a fear-over-facts narrative by the climate cult; designed to sustain income streams for the various eco groups and clicks for mainstream media outlets who amplify every Chicken Little cry of pending disaster.

In 2013, an excellent article in Forbes outlined the numerous times climate ‘experts’ predicted the end of year-round Arctic ice.  Guesses of ice-free periods starting in the mid-2010s didn’t come true, nor did the Guardian’s commentary from 2012, pinpointing 2015 as the year of final demise.

More recently, alarmists have been all over the map with their predictions: 2022 (which, obviously, was a big miss) from a 2018 study authored by a Harvard professor and his team; 2032 from a 2016 study, 2035 in the Post and plenty of other outlets, and 2050 from numerous climate doomsayers.

If the doom-and-gloom crowd can’t get ice levels correct, how do they expect anyone to believe their larger arguments around the ‘climate crisis’, global warming, sea-level rise and global extinction?

Reminder: we said “almost?” Their misses would be comical if it wasn’t for the damage the climate cult does to America’s energy economy, our national security and our standing among the world’s power structure.  That’s why Power The Future will continue to fight, and we appreciate you joining us.