John Kerry Refuses to Share Climate Office Employees

John Kerry Refuses to Share Climate Office Employees

April 8, 2024

Throughout his term as President Biden’s “Climate Czar,” John Kerry’s office was shrouded in mystery, with Kerry refusing to disclose basic information like who works in the taxpayer-funded office and how much money is being put towards the new office. Many Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have been filed to try and learn more about Kerry’s office, but he continually refused to provide any answers.

Recently, Kerry gave his final response to the Boston Herald.

“Kerry informed the Herald in a “final” response to a Freedom of Information Act request submitted in July of 2022, that the full identity of his office staff will never be released. ‘“This action closes your request in this office,”’ he declared via the State Department’s Statutory and Compliance Division.

The only update to the FOIA is the addition of six names of office employees out of 27, and those came after the Herald pointed out two of them were already on Kerry’s climate website. The annual payroll of $4.3 million remains the same, as previously reported. Yet, one of the many names still hidden includes the “Director of Communications” who pulls down top office pay of $186,680 a year. Four others also earn that lofty salary.”

Kudos to the Boston Herald for leading the charge and holding Kerry’s feet to the fire on this. The lack of transparency throughout Kerry’s time as climate czar was unacceptable. That is why, we took legal action over the continued refusal to disclose public information surrounding the office of former climate czar John Kerry. The Freedom of Information lawsuit, filed in January with the Washington, D.C. U.S. District Court, outlines the Biden Administration’s failure to disclose the names and titles of those who work in the office.  Since he was appointed to the position three years ago and until he stepped down last month, John Kerry continually withheld this information from the public and Congress, claiming that he only reports to President Biden.

Power The Future’s entire court filing against the Biden Administration can be found here.