Joe Biden’s Vulnerability Problem in New Mexico

Joe Biden’s Vulnerability Problem in New Mexico

June 5, 2020

Tuesday’s primary election results were mostly good for New Mexico’s radical eco-left, with one glaring exception.

One of the most ignored stories from Tuesday is the shaky support received by Joe Biden. Even though he has been the presumptive nominee for weeks, still 1 out of every 4 Democrats voted against him last Tuesday. No doubt, Biden’s extreme energy policy is playing a role in his vulnerability in our state.

Biden has welcomed socialists like Bernie Sanders and AOC as key climate advisors on his campaign. Make no mistake, their ideas would destroy New Mexico’s economy by forcing thousands of hard-working families out of a job.

 Another big problem for Biden in New Mexico is the roughly 284,000 independent voters in the state. Those with no political party make up more than 22 percent of all registered voters and yet they are prohibited from participating in the primary election.

If 25 percent of the voters in his own party don’t support Joe Biden now, do they expect independents to flock to him in November?