Joe Biden Targets Alaska In His Embrace Of The Green New Deal

Joe Biden Targets Alaska In His Embrace Of The Green New Deal

June 4, 2019

When Joe Biden first announced his run for President, he did so with talking points that seemed to suggest he was going to go against the grain of the typical 2020 Democratic hopefuls and run to the middle.

Of course, with far-left politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and organizations such as the Sunrise Movement gaining prominence, it was only a matter of time before Biden’s views on energy and the environment would come to mirror theirs.

And that’s exactly what happened. After AOC and others belittled Biden for his “middle of the road” approach on the environment, Biden moved left, announcing today that he is embracing the concepts of the Green New Deal and opposing offshore drilling in the Arctic, among other more extreme views.

As Power The Future has noted in previous posts, the Green New Deal would have devastating effects on Alaska, as 85%+ of our economy is resource-extraction driven.  Drilling in ANWR would create over 700,000 jobs nationwide – potential employment that Biden is willing to sacrifice in order to appease Ocasio-Cortez.

A Biden presidency would mean a step back from the Trump administration’s call for American energy dominance and independence, with Alaska’s North Slope renaissance a key to that goal. Biden’s shift to the far-left of his party, with regard to energy and the environment, would be bad for Alaska.