Jet-Setting Eco-Warriors Descend on Dubai for COP28

Jet-Setting Eco-Warriors Descend on Dubai for COP28

December 1, 2023

COP28 has arrived, and it is just what you would expect. A climate conference full of wealthy eco-left warriors who want to lecture the world while taking private jets around the globe. This year’s summit is being held in Dubai. A country that we should point out has become so wealthy due to fossil fuels that they now have a mall with a ski slope inside.

Fox News reports, 

“COP28 kicked off on Thursday and is slated to take place over the next two weeks through Dec. 12. Ahead of the summit, U.N. officials led by Secretary General António Guterres have raised the alarm about the risks posed by global warming and the summit is expected to garner agreements to curb fossil fuel reliance in the coming years.”

Of course, Biden’s climate czar, John Kerry, would never pass up an opportunity to jet off to a luxurious country to cozy up with China and lecture the rest of the world. 

“Once again, the Biden administration exposes the hypocrisy of their own radical green fantasy,” Sen. Joni Ernst told Fox News Digital. “Joe Biden’s Climate Czar is jetting off again emitting the greenhouse gases he warns against, wasting taxpayer dollars, and undermining U.S. strength on the world stage. While the Biden administration’s weakness has caused chaos across the globe, President Biden doubles down on combating climate change instead of terrorism.”

As the conference continues for the next two weeks, we are watching to see what climate policies these eco-warriors propose. We know our officials should offer policies to bolster the US energy sector, but we suspect they will be too busy trying to please other countries.