Jerry Brown’s Joke Summit

Jerry Brown’s Joke Summit

September 12, 2018

Moonbeam Brown is gathering all the climate activists from around the world in feces-filled San Francisco for a fun week of junk science and hypocrisy.  Called “The Global Climate Action Summit”, the four-day meeting involves navel-gazing around issues crucial to the energy industry like healthcare, trade, foreign policy, urban development, women’s empowerment, and racism.

Because why not? When we think of electric grids powering our economy, home heating prices, and gas at the pump, what we really should focus on is healthcare. One wonders what they talk about at a healthcare summit…? Space travel?

And, no climate summit would be complete without sucking up to China.  Yes, China, the world’s number one polluterexempt from the sacred Paris Climate Accord, and the land of forced child labor in coal mines, that China, has their own pavilion to keep everyone distracted.  We assume Senator Dianne Feinstein approves, as does the National Resources Defense Council. Yeah, communism!

Still haven’t caught your attention?  What if I mentioned the lineup: speakers like Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer!  No one loves the climate more than billionaire ideologues who relentless push their own agenda, well no one except for Al Gore, the man whose debunked yet Oscar-winning documentary launched him into climate superhero status.  Sure, these are men who own multiple homes around the world, private jets, and with carbon footprints documented to be 20x the average America.  But who keeps track of such trivialities when CLIMATE CHANGE is the topic?!?

It is unclear if the 100+ speakers from around the world (and various cool cities in America) are flying private or commercial.  One thing is certain, if Harrison Ford is flying himself, the FAA should give a warning.  But with so many potential 2020 candidates in the same room, plus a few Hollywood A-listers, it’s sure to be a hoot.  Can’t attend in person?  Don’t worry- you aren’t invited.  You’re not a cool Hollywood A-lister or an international figure on climate summit actions.  But you can attend virtually via social media.  So bust out your fossil fuel made and manufactured smartphone or tablet, plug into your fossil fuel powered internet, and watch live as fossil fuel powered cameras, microphones and lights broadcast the biggest anti-fossil fuel gathering of Hollywood A-listers and international cool people this week!

Then, once you’ve heard all the talks and hyperbole, and if you’re still awake after John Kerry’s done yammering, go look in a mirror and throw up.  Because you’re big phony, just like this partisan hack event and the feel-good frauds who organized it.

NO MORE FOSSIL FUELS!  NO MORE FOSSIL FUELS!  Now, where’s my plastic bottle of water imported from Fiji?