Jerry Brown’s Gas Tax Movement is Running On Empty

Jerry Brown’s Gas Tax Movement is Running On Empty

October 17, 2018

When it comes to California’s natural resources, Democrat Governor Jerry Brown wants to keep everyone from enjoying the economic benefits.

But when it comes to the state government’s financial resources, (read: taxpayer dollars) ‘ol Moonbeam is more than happy to help himself to boost his political ambitions.

In yet another installment of corrupt coastal Democrats gone wild, a new report from the Associated Press found that Brown’s administration has raised serious ethical concerns over the state’s controversial gas tax.

The AP found that California State Transportation Agency coordinated with an outside firm, Bicker, Castillo & Fairbanks, to protect the gas tax, which is up for repeal in November. That means tax dollars were employed to serve Brown’s political goals.

The AP reports that “three ethics experts interviewed about the emails raise concerns that the agency’s relationship with the firm was too close.” Loyola Law School Professor and government ethics expert Jessica Levinson wasn’t as generous, saying it was “way over the line.”

Last year’s gas bill hiked taxes by 12 cents per gallon. November’s Proposition 6 would repeal that tax hike and institute a rule that voters must give their stamp of approval on all future tax increases on gas and vehicles.

It’s a no-brainer why the gas tax is unpopular. California’s exorbitant gas prices regularly lead the rest of the country meaning California drivers are already grimacing at the pump.

That’s why Brown is having to pull out all the political stops to keep it in place. The fact is, nobody wants to pay an extra gas tax, especially when they see through the climate change doomsday nonsense.

Once again, liberals are forcing the climate change issue on regular Americans who are more interested in jobs and a strong economy. This time, though, they added to their politically unpopular gas tax an ethics scandal.

Guess California doesn’t have a tax on stupid.