It’s Not Climate Change, Stupid

It’s Not Climate Change, Stupid

October 6, 2018

If you are already sick of hearing about the upcoming midterm elections, you have a long few weeks ahead of you. The 24-hour news channels have been talking about the midterms since the day after the last election, and their coverage is only heating up. News segments exploit our country’s partisan divides with dramatic shouting matches on-air and forecasting from political oracles; what producer wouldn’t want to talk about midterms nonstop!

Any of these political experts will tell you that issues like the economy, Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and President Trump will be top of mind for voters this November. But the political spending data this cycle reveals there’s a plot by the biggest spenders on the left to shoehorn environmental activism into the conversation.

Based on the millions being spent, one would assume climate change is the deciding issue in this year’s midterms. Why else would the nation’s biggest green groups spend over $100 million on the election cycle?  Add to this Mike Bloomberg, who recently gave $20 million to elect Democrat senators, which comes on top of the $80 million to support Democrat house races.  Bloomberg, the Democrat turned Republican turned Independent turned keynote speaker for Hillary Clinton turned Democrat again, has given over $110 million to shut down coal mines and been a loud voice for the green activists.

And of course, Tommy Steyer, the pooh-bah of the Church of Climate Change, is spending millions, too. In fact, he just pledged another $5 million on just one race: Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.  He has already pledged $110 million to support Democrats.

That’s a lot of money for a party that always talks about the evils of “big money in politics.” Clearly, the Bloomberg-Steyer duo of green politics is deploying their millions to make this year’s crop of candidates devout climate change believers.

But the issue doesn’t register with the electorate.  It never has. And the lefties like Bloomberg and Steyer are desperate to make voters care about climate change by pouring their millions into these midterms. But it’s a losing fight.

People vote about jobs, like the ones stolen from rural America because of green activism. People vote on education, like the lack of funding for rural schools because of green activism. People want prosperity, security, and peace of mind.

Despite decades of TV shows, documentaries, and fear-mongering, Climate Change doesn’t register for the average person, or should we say a “consensus” of Americans?

We at Power The Future believe in free speech, and the freedom of groups to raise money and share messaging with the American people.  We do it, just like these green groups. What’s telling is how much they have to spend on an issue no one cares about. And we marvel at what America could be, especially rural America, if green groups stopped fighting the great resources that contribute to American energy.