It is Time to Build Alaska’s LNG Pipeline Project

It is Time to Build Alaska’s LNG Pipeline Project

May 9, 2023

When Russia invaded Ukraine just over a year ago, it set into motion a shuffling of global energy supplies and demands.  As the world reacted to Russia with embargoes, price caps and outright bans on helping fuel the Russian military complex, nowhere outside of the European Union were those actions felt more than the Asian Far East.

Russia had long provided LNG to Japan and other Far East nations, with nearly 10% of its imports coming from the country in 2021.  Even though its other nations have stepped up to fill gaps in supplies, it lacks a long-term, viable source for additional LNG.

That’s why the timing can’t be better for the Alaska Gasline Development Corp’s 800-mile LNG pipeline (known as AKLNG) to be moved ahead, with the full force and support of the federal government behind it.

There are well over 100 trillion– some say as many as 240 trillion – cubic feet of gas on Alaska’s North Slope.  Getting that gas to Alaskans to power and heat their homes, and the excess gas exported to Japan and other Pan-Pacific nations, should be a priority for the Biden administration.  With China and Russia still holding immense power over the Pan-Pacific region’s energy supplies, anything the West can do to diminish that hold is good for the world as a whole.

The AKLNG project has already been given a clean federal permitting record of decision, and the U.S. Department of Energy recently re-reviewed its export plan, and gave it a go-ahead.  The project is environmentally safe, would benefit Alaska and America, and needs to be moved ahead with the utmost expediency.

Power The Future is unabashedly supportive of the AKLNG project, and will have Alaska Gasline Development Project’s President, Frank Richards, on its weekly Energy Hour broadcast tonight.  You can listen to Frank talk about the project from 5:30-6:00PM Alaska time (9:30-10:00PM Eastern) online at, or throughout Southcentral Alaska at 92.5FM or 1020AM.