Is This a Trend? Ninth Circuit Once Again Decides Against Eco-Extremists

Is This a Trend?  Ninth Circuit Once Again Decides Against Eco-Extremists

September 4, 2020

First, it was a decision against the NRDC, in its fight against “climate change” and the Department of the Interior.  That decision by the infamously-left-leaning Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals back in July floored many responsible-development advocates.

Now, the Palmer Project, a copper-zinc-silver-gold-barite mine located outside of Haines, Alaska, has emerged victorious – at least by proxy – as the Ninth Circuit rejected the arguments made by the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council (SEACC) against the federal Bureau of Land Management.

The decision allows the project – operated by Constantine North, Inc (CNI) – to continue with its exploration and scientific study processes to continue. 

According to the article in Must Read Alaska, Merrill Palmer, President of Alyu Mining Co., Inc. and Haines Mining & Exploration, Inc. said he’s persevered for 50 years to keep the opportunity alive, “and I will keep fighting for what I believe is a great gift for the people. Mines are safer today than ever before. A modern operating mine could add more than 250 year-round jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue to the (Haines) Borough. A mine could also provide an important source of minerals to support ‘green technologies’ and national security. Civilization is based upon mining. Without successful mining, you don’t have a civilization.”

Power The Future couldn’t agree more, Mr. Palmer, and that’s why we fight every day for the men and women powering American energy creation, including mining.  The decision by the Ninth Circuit is welcomed news, as it shows the eco-Left’s “fear-over-facts” narratives hold less and less sway over our nation’s courts as time goes by.