Iranian Attack On Saudi Arabia Highlights Need For American Energy Dominance

Iranian Attack On Saudi Arabia Highlights Need For American Energy Dominance

September 16, 2019

After Iran allegedly launched a drone strike on Saudi Arabia’s oil industry over the weekend, causing the U.S. to weigh a military response, the need for American energy dominance could not be clearer.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, “Saudi and American officials said the Saturday attack on two sites in Saudi Arabia used cruise missiles that hit 19 targets. Saudi Arabia is struggling to repair the damage.”

While many expected oil prices to skyrocket after half of Saudi Arabia’s oil capacity was taken offline, the reality has been much more muted. As CNN explains, prices rose 18 percent, but retreated after the President authorized the use of the US’ strategic petroleum reserve.

Imagine if this had happened just a decade ago. Oil prices would be through the roof. Politicians and pundits would be fearing a recession.

The difference between that world and our world is American energy dominance and our booming domestic oil output.

Fracking has changed the game to America’s advantage. America is blessed with abundant and reliable energy sources that have been the lifeblood of our national advancement and prosperity, and when oil shocks like these happen, we now can withstand them.

An America Energy First policy makes it so that we can protect our allies without being completely dependent on middle eastern oil, which as it turns out is not so reliable after all. As Marc Short, Chief of Staff to Vice President Mike Pence told CNN, “This is not the 1970s oil embargo. It’s not 1990 when Iraq invaded Kuwait. We’re now a net oil exporter which means that the American market is much better protected.”

This is exactly right. America’s economy and national security are strong thanks to our energy dominance. But if the eco-left gets their way, they would destroy our oil export capacity and make America’s economy and national security dependent on the whims of dangerous middle eastern countries like Iran.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to protect America’s energy economy and thank the American energy workers who are making it possible for our country to move through the choppy waters of international conflict and thrive.