Instead of a Gas Tax Gimmick, Biden Should Suspend His Whole Energy Agenda

Instead of a Gas Tax Gimmick, Biden Should Suspend His Whole Energy Agenda

June 22, 2022

Today, President Biden will call on Congress to suspend the federal gasoline fuel tax. It’s a gimmicky attempt to lower fuel prices for struggling Americans. The reason for the current record-high prices has little to do with the 18-cent federal tax. It has everything to do with Biden’s failed energy policies.

Fox Business reports: “The president will urge members of Congress to institute a three-month federal gas tax holiday without stripping money from the Highway Trust Fund that finances highways and mass transit.”

In other words, Biden is trying to put a three-month band aid on a gaping wound. Those three months would run right up to, you guessed it, election day.

Power The Future is calling on Congress to fix Biden’s political blunder. Instead of a simple three-month gimmick, Congress should deliver a law that suspends Joe Biden’s failed energy agenda.

“With his poll numbers in free fall and the midterms looming, this is nothing more than a transparent election year gimmick,” said Daniel Turner, Executive Director and Founder of Power The Future. “Amid its litany of failures, the Biden Administration has succeeded at creating record inflation, and they have done so by strangling American energy production to appease the eco-extremists. Rather than a temporary gas tax suspension, Joe Biden should permanently suspend pursuit of the green policies that have upended our way of life and sent our economy spiraling.”