Inslee Drops Out and Bernie Announces the Most Radical GND of All

Inslee Drops Out and Bernie Announces the Most Radical GND of All

August 22, 2019

The past 24 hours has seen major developments in energy and environmental news. Here’s the latest:

Inslee Drops Out

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has officially dropped out of the 2020 presidential race. As Power The Future has detailed since the beginning of his run, Inslee has made eco-extremism the centerpiece of his campaign. He thought that embracing the eco-left was his ticket to the presidency, and he hoped to become the “First Climate President.”

That ship has officially sailed, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. He called for a “radical” permanent ban on fossil fuels and fracking. His plans were divorced form economic reality. They would have thrown hundreds of thousands of energy workers out of a job. Areas of the countries that have been experiencing an economic boom tied to fracking, such as the Permian Basin areas of New Mexico and Texas, would have been devastated. Entire communities would have gone under.

It’s no surprise he didn’t gain traction with voters – eco-extremism is not popular, even among left-wing primary voters.

Bernie Announces His Own Green New Deal

It seems Senator Bernie Sanders thinks he can capitalize on Inslee’s loss. Just hours after Inslee dropped out, Bernie sought to take the eco-mantle, rolling out his very own “Green New Deal.”

And as you might expect, it’s as extreme as can be.

Axios reports that Sanders’ “Green New Deal” would cost a whopping $16 trillion. He wants 100 percent renewable power by 2030, wants to ban fracking, and he even wants to stop fossil fuel imports and exports.

Think about this for a moment – he wants to restrict America’s ability to sell oil and its ability to buy oil. That represents nothing less than a vice grip on the American economy.

He also wants to “massively” raises taxes on the fossil fuel industry and target “investors” as well – often ordinary people whose 401k’s and retirement plans are invested in major American energy companies.

This is an assault on American wealth, energy independence, and global power. It might make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez swoon, but for everyday families, Bernie’s so-called “Green New Deal” would be a man-made disaster.