In Defense of Andrew Goldman

In Defense of Andrew Goldman

September 5, 2019

I’ve never met Mr. Goldman nor have I ever heard of him or his Houston-based fossil fuel firm Western LNG.

Judging from the fact that Mr. Goldman is hosting a fundraiser for former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 aspirations, I doubt he would support Power The Future.  And I also wonder… Why would anyone in this industry, who faces the constant challenged coming from the radical left and the crazy green movement, support any of these candidates?

But that’s besides the point.

This is America. And Mr. Goldman is free to give to Mr. Biden, Power The Future, or anyone else he sees fit with his hard earned money.

The fact that Anderson Cooper on last night’s CNN Climate Townhall singled out Mr. Goldman on national television, the fact that Mr. Goldman is getting vicious attacks online because he dare support Joe Biden as a fossil fuel executive, what such hostile scrutiny must do to himself, his family, his spouse, all because of his political beliefs… It’s absolutely disgusting. It’s unconscionable.

It is un-American.

Just a few days ago former actress Debra Messing made headlines when she and her former Will and Grace costar demanded lists of people in Hollywood attending a Trump fundraiser.

It is un-American.

I know that Power The Future is in a nasty fight. I get lots of hate mail and death threats, and I excepted that as part and parcel of entering the public sphere.  But Mr. Goldman, and people like him, should not be held to such public ridicule and have their lives and safety threatened just because of who they support politically. And Anderson Cooper, Debra Messing, and that other guy from Will and Grace, should be ashamed of themselves.

Daniel Turner

Founder and Executive Director