Imagine…The Eco-Left’s Goals for Alaska’s Future Don’t Sound So Appealing

Imagine…The Eco-Left’s Goals for Alaska’s Future Don’t Sound So Appealing

May 12, 2020

What a glorious weekend it was in Southcentral Alaska.  The weather was exceptional, the outdoor recreation opportunities were plentiful, the roads were filled with cars, trucks (some towing snowmachines or boats behind them), motorcycles and RVs, and stores across the area seemed busier than they were a week or two ago.

As Alaskans begin to awaken from our winter slumber – with the COVID-19 pandemic lengthening it by a few weeks – we’re going to be accessing this beautiful state we live in for our summer activities. 

It is important to remember that the majority of Alaskans’ jobs are directly or indirectly paid for by the plentiful responsible resource projects across the Great Land.  That’s why the incessant rumbling from the eco-left is so annoying to the vast majority of the Alaskan people.

Instead of welcoming jobs created by construction projects and tourism – especially since nearly one-quarter of all Alaskans are currently unemployed – the Communications Director of the Northern Alaska Environmental Center’s recent letter to the editor complains about workers shattering her tranquility, then goes on to lambast the Alaska Industrial Development Export Authority (AIDEA) for working to increase jobs in the future. 

Instead of rejoicing that there is now more sunlight than darkness across the state, the Legislative Director of the Alaska Center (for the Environment) pens a disjointed article about the future of electric vehicles in Alaska, with a particular line catching my attention: “Think of these proposals as the twitch of a future economy gestating below the fire-ash of the present economic and human health disaster.”

I’d like to see the radical environmentalists’ plans to increase jobs in this state without oil, without gas and without mining. 

It would take one of two forms: a world where everyone works for a government entity – where free-markets don’t exist, and the government controls everything.  Or, perhaps, it could take the form of their utopia – a “just transition” society where fossil fuels are no longer needed. 

Except, they would still need coal to forge the wind turbine blades, gas to run the back-up generators, copper, lithium, zinc and other mined materials to provide much of the storage for their green technologies, and don’t forget the plethora of other extracted resources for their phones, laptops and nearly everything else they’d use to work in their “just” world.

Yes, think of those options for the eco-left’s future economy.  Not very appealing, are they?