Hypocrisy Among the Green Movement

Hypocrisy Among the Green Movement

June 19, 2020

The left’s mentality of you are with us or against us is now the norm for their social movements. The green movement is no exception to this new social standard. When new information is released that challenges the green movement, the critics on the eco-left will do everything in their power to have that information taken down.

The most recent case of this is with a movie produced by Michael Moore titled Planet of Humans. The movie as Joel Kotkin explains in Real Clear Energy, “exposes the rapacious profit-seeking and gratuitous environmental damage caused by the renewable energy industry.” But of course, instead of taking this information and learning new ways to help the environment, critics are trying to have the movie de-platformed. And it does not stop there. According to Kotkin, “Some political leaders even seem ready to take dissenters to court in an effort to ban their ideas by legal means. Not only energy companies but think tanks and dissident scientists have been targeted for criminal prosecution.”

The most notable hypocrisy is how the green movement handles the working class who will be hurt most by rising costs as affordable energy disappears.

If environmental groups want their policies and regulations to gain any traction, they must be willing to listen to new information and differing opinions.

Kotkin concludes, “In the future, to succeed, environmental policy has to consider human concerns, particularly those of the working and middle classes. It needs not only to ‘protect the natural environment but also to achieve the goal of universal prosperity.’”

The energy industry has brought economic prosperity, national security, and job creation to the United States. Yet the progressive left continues their never-ending war on the industry, pushing ill-informed radical policy that harms middle-class American households in the process. Instead of listening to their constituents and working on solutions, the eco-left is choosing to silence anyone against them while continuing to push their self-interested political agenda.