Hypocrisy Alert: “Biggest Boosters” Of The Paris Accord Are Totally Failing To Cut Emissions

Hypocrisy Alert: “Biggest Boosters” Of The Paris Accord Are Totally Failing To Cut Emissions

December 12, 2018

If you’re the “biggest booster” of an international agreement to lower carbon emissions, one would expect you to actually lower emissions, right?

Well, for the “biggest boosters” of the 2015 Paris accords, it isn’t working out that way. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the largest backers of the Paris accords – China, Canada, and the EU – are all failing by a long shot.

Despite pledging to cut emissions, China is actually “ramping up coal-fired electricity generation.” As a result, China’s emissions are up since 2015, and last year “China accounted for one-quarter of global CO2 production.”

Similarly, Canada “has missed every target to curb greenhouse-gas releases it set out since 1992 and is on track to miss its 2020 target.” Right now, Canadian provinces are suing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to challenge his environmental policies.

And the European Union is not doing much better, as the union’s member states refuse to agree on environmental policy.

In fact, the country actually lowering its carbon emissions is…the United States. A newly released Senate report exemplifies the trend, finding that the U.S. has cut carbon emissions by 14% since 2005, while they’ve risen 70% in China.

“Of the G-20 countries, the United States has the best recent record on carbon dioxide emissions reductions,” the report also notes. And all this without relinquishing their sovereignty to a set of international climate accords.

If foreign countries want to lecture us about carbon emissions and dictate environmental policy, perhaps they should take a look in the mirror, because they’re simply not living up to their own rhetoric.