How the Energy Industry Is Helping the Covid-19 Pandemic

How the Energy Industry Is Helping the Covid-19 Pandemic

January 11, 2021

This past year America has faced shortages of a variety of products, but one thing we did not have to worry about doing without was energy. Natural gas continued to heat homes, gas was there to fill up cars and now energy is being used to transport the Covid-19 vaccine across the country. 

Forbes discusses how the oil and gas industry has contributed to the fight against Covid-19:

Once these vaccines are mass-produced at production facilities, they need to be moved to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices in order to be distributed to the public. Whether they are shipped by planes, trains or automobiles, petroleum products are being used to deliver the vaccines across America.

The energy industry, like many other industries, had its share of hardships this past year, but the industry remained reliable. As the article points out, Americans are very lucky to not have to worry about how they’ll get energy throughout the pandemic.

But of course, the reality about the oil and gas business is that the less it is discussed in the media, the better it is working for all of us. In the context of this COVID-19 pandemic, American consumers should be very happy they’ve hardly had to think about oil, natural gas, and their related plants, factories and supply chains at all. Because if you were talking about it in that context, that would mean you’ve been doing without it, and that is one deprivation that Americans have not had to bear.

This shows once again why the oil and gas industry needs to be propped up and not brought down by extreme-left policies. Imagine having to go through all the struggles of the last year while also having to worry about heating your house or putting gas in your car because there is not enough to go around.

Finally, it is thanks to the energy industry that the Covid-19 vaccines are being disrupted across the country. The hardworking oil and gas workers are the ones behind the scenes making sure there is energy available for the transport of vaccines to be carried out.